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*I was given a credit to facilitate my review. As always opinions are 100% my own and we only recommend products/services that we feel are a great fit for our readers and our family.*

So it’s time to let our secret out… My husband and I are fans of the Cleveland Indians baseball team, I mean we live in Ohio, how couldn’t we like them. We don’t get to go to games often (less than one per season) since tickets can be quite the dent in the pocketbook.

But I found out about ScoreBig! I figured it was just another one of those sites that made it look like a good deal when really it wasn’t. So I went searching to see what I could use my credit on and I found a date for the Indians game that we would be able to attend.



Once I found the game that we could attend, I clicked on 4 star seating as I was trying to get the best deal with my credit.

Note: You will be able to pick any seating type available for the number seats you’re trying to purchase.

For 4 star seating at this game it showed full ticket price at $88.40 where the team site showed them at $76 + 6.50 in fees making them $82.50! Even though the team site was showing cheaper full ticket price, it would have cost me $165 for two tickets.

On ScoreBig I entered the price in the box I wanted to pay per ticket, which was $50. Immediately it will come back and tell you if they accepted or declined your bid and if they have a counter offer. My bid for $50 was rejected and I was countered $52 per ticket which I obviously accepted. So I scored to tickets for $104 which is $61 cheaper than purchasing from the team site.

I received my tickets via email and was able to print them! I have them waiting by my side and ready to attend our game at the end of July! I seriously can not wait, and neither can my husband!

ScoreBig has concerts as well as sporting events and more! Don’t pay full ticket price when you can find it cheaper here. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on events and new things in your area!



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